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November 2001
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Anyone who´s been around the local Chicago music scene for enough time has at some point run into at least one of the bands that Chiyoko Yoshido has been a part of. To call this her first proper solo record seems odd after her work with Squash Blossom and the more documented SWEEDER, but this really is. A realized life statement is probably a more proper term and in this stunning album, Chiyoko puts forth an earnest and soul wrenching deconstruction masterpiece, filled with slow, melancholic and sweepingly emotional ballads that shutter with a BJORKian transcendence. Mostly acoustic guitars under the more commonly referenced KRISTEN HERSH-sounding vocals filled in with symphonic atmospheres, internal and primal percussive backdrops and the more traditional violin, drums, electric guitars and keyboards. Passion can sometimes win everything and here it does and thus make this very recommended!!!!!!!

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