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September 07, 2006

Goodness... well you can see how busy I´ve been. A drop of news... Jeff Carleton and I have been playing music for years now. Many new ideas but very few are completed. We came across the opportunity to play a small show. A little kick in the pants you might say to make us finish something. ;-) ..

It has been years now since our last gig of any kind. Hope folks in the area can stop by Danny's to welcome a set of completely new songs. Jeff and I will both be playing guitars and keyboards accompanied by a laptop for the first time. All the people we used to play with are having babies or have moved!! So alas we are experimenting with machines.

Here is the info:

TUESDAY SEPT. 12th 2006
1951 W Dickens Ave, Chicago, 60614

ALSO, my dearest friends ever MISS FROWNEY (aka Kim Ambriz - Yearling) will be DJING before and after our set. She is awesome... to say the least. IF you get the chance to see her new music thing YEARLING, I highly recommend it. Until next time be well!



August 30, 2004

hello everyone,

i sincerely hope this news finds you all extremely well!

i just found out today that i´m going to do a show (CHOP3) at the abbey pub this coming friday. 9/3/2004 (check out the all the details

i´m on first and will play a short acoustic set with my friends julie liu and perhaps jeff carleton too.

sadly, i must confess this is the first show i´ve done in a year and only the second show in chicago in two years ... i must admit i´ve been hiding out!

but i hope to break this spell and bring you much more news, shows and recordings. trust there's no lack of songs pouring forth. all in good time yes? ;-)

ok, i know it´s kinda short notice but stop by if you can, as always, it would be a pleasure to see you there.


A Concert Benefit for the Asian American Artists Collective Chicago (AAAC) and the Foundation for Asian American Independent Media (FAAIM)

performances by:
Jeff Chan Trio featuring Jimmy Ellis/Tatsu Aoki
Sanawon (Jenny Choi)
XYZR_KX + Jienan
Chiyoko Yoshida/Julie Liu

Friday, September 3rd
Abbey Pub
3420 W. Grace (at Elston)
9pm (doors open at 8pm)
$15 door/ $12 advance

Tickets available via or at the Abbey Pub.

February 06, 2004


I can´t believe my days and nights fly by so quickly... and so the typical news lag has happened again.... excuses! excuses!. Not that there isn´t new worthy events. The biggest and best news is that I´ m playing with a regular set of people. A new/old band you might say. Jeff and I continue to work together on song ideas which are bountiful.

We are starting to regularly work on new material with Julie Liu on bass (sweeder, rex, and more...) along side her husband Doug Scharin on drums (him, mice parade, june of 44, rex, codeine... to name a few of his bands). This is PHAT!........... and it´s feeling and sounding good.

We´re just 4 or so rehearsals in but we´re looking forward to outing this music somewhere.

All in between baby, Doug and Julie have a little one, which is why Sweeder stopped playing for so long. Finally Mom and Dad get to come out and play a bit more... Jeff and I are quite thrilled.

Meanwhile, what the hell is this new band going to be called??? I can´t tell if we should call it Chiyoko, Sweeder but in reality it´s a bit more like Squash Blossom. Maybe something new.... err... well who knows. Names are not of any concern. It´s all about playing, singing and finding the joy in that.

This is what the New Year brings along and I´m very excited about 2004. Many belated holiday wishes and New Year to everyone. You can´t beat the fact that it´s year of the monkey.

Hope everyone is doing great in 04´.

PS.... don´t forget to vote!!

Auguest 19, 2003

hi there,

wow... back from tour and it was awsome! jeff and i had a great time playing shows and as always enjoyed cruising our favorite midwest & east coast highways. i can´t get panda panda and jenny choi songs out of my head - they were excellent tour buddies along with all the other super bands that graced the stages with us.

just want to say thanks to all who came out to see the AIR tour. also, HUGE thanks and kudos go to jenny choi for kicking ass on booking and doing this tour. she's out in the west coast right now bringing the AIR tour to that part of the country along with a completely new roster asian bands. so, if you live there go check it out!

this little adventure was just what was needed to become hooked on music and performing again. i´m excited to get out and do some chicago shows soon. hell i'd like to hit the road again sometime soon but we'll see how that goes.

keep your eyes peeled for a chicago gig. hopefully we'll get some new pics up and perhaps some new mp3s for download. i´ve got a ton of new ideas and hope to release another record sometime spring 2004

hope all is well, enjoy!!

July 3, 2003

and how....!!!! there is in fact a tour happening. finally!

the East Coast - AIR tour - (Asians in Rock) is on. this will be my first tour after releasing 'cinematic' and i'm pretty stoked to finally do some shows after such a long break. sadly i'm not taking a full band out but at least i will be out. jeff carleton (of sweeder, squash blossom, sin ropas) will be accompanying me.

ok, so here's the skinny on the tour and the awesome line up of asian rockerz.


Midwest.East Coast

featuring Panda Panda (members of KIM, Smoothies), Creme Blush (of NYC), Suntan (of Boston - Kim Chee Records), Kevin So (of Boston - Wingbone Records) and Triple Whip (of Champaign, IL - Innocent Words Records)

8.8 - Champaign, IL - Iron Post
8.9 - Chicago, IL - Korean Street Festival
8.10 - Ann Arbor, MI - The Blind Pig
8.11 - Philly or Pittsburgh
8.12 - NYC - Lions Den
8.13 - DC - Velvet Lounge
8.14 - Rochester (NY), NJ, or Providence (RI)
8.15 - Cambridge/Boston (Zeitgeist Gallery) early show! 6-9 pm.
8.16 - Akron, OH - The Lime Spider

June 27, 2003

hi everyone -

quick note. some BIG news here. there is a tour-a-brewin for me. no time to write much today but please check back to find out more about the East Coast - AIR tour - (Asians in Rock).

finally, i may do some shows not only in chicago but maybe even a town near you. sorry for being so behind on updates. /peace/love/chiyoko

March 8, 2003

hey, long time no news eh? well there's been more news than ever and what bad news it is these days. hell... we might be in a war next week for all we know... which for the record, i am so strongly opposed to.

i hope to post a some links in the next few days to some anti-war organizations and some political sites for those of you who care to check them out. i know it's pretty late in the day for protest but i figure is never to late.

so what's new... not much! i've been on this big break and i'm making my way back to being musical again. this has been the longest non-musical time in my life and it was totally unintended.
last year i thought i'd have toured the country several times over and had a new record under way but i got all caught up in work and just ran out of steam for the first time ever. i've spent most of the past year working my ass off, which is not unusual and very little energy left for music. it's been so weird but things are looking up.

every time i sit down with the guitar these days i have new ideas. just the beginnings but i'm thrilled to feel what will drive me till i die... the crazy need to make music. it's definitely a love / hate relationship but it never goes away. i'm getting back to the love phase of it.

maybe i'll post some work in progress ideas.. dunno. was thinking about putting up cinematic in complete for download. want to redo this site.... it's so boring!

you USA people can now buy cinematic directly from me through this site so go ahead a get your copy.... here.

i hope to be able to sell outside the USA soon.

be good, speak out, take care, love to all, peace!

July 10, 2002

Last minute news. Chiyoko is hitting the road to play a show in Detroit/Hamtramck MI this friday. Yes, this is the first out of town performance ever!

She'll be playing songs off Cinematic (mellow-stylee sans the full ensemble) accompanied by Jeff Carleton on keyboards and guitar. Feel free to make a road trip or tell all your nearest and dearest to come out for the show and check out this excellent new venue.

FRIDAY JULY 12, 2002
3141 N Caniff
Hamtramck, MI
PH 313.893.8088
Doors: 9PM


A Thousand Times Yes (headlining)

May 23, 2002

The mini flyer for the Chiyoko - rock show. Come see a full band ensemble. That´s the news.


March 21, 2002

Whoo webcam photo! Been mega busy lately...BUT there´s a show coming up. Yup!

Going to be the opener as part of the 2002 - Asian American Showcase.

At the Abbey Pub April 13th, 2002
eE (v3.0) featuring Tobin Mori from KOREA GIRL, Che Chou, and Sooyoung Park of SEAM
Jenny Choi
Chiyoko accompanied by Jeff Carleton (Sweeder), and Julie Liu (Sweeder, REX, oRSo)
Sure hope everyone is well! Hello Spring!!

February 13, 2002

Hey everyone! February 1st was an excellent evening at the Empty Bottle. Thanks to everyone who made it out.

Please do a great thing and donate anything you can to help the Chicago Women´s Health Center survive. They are struggling to keep their doors open and it´s time to act now.

The following is text supplied to me from Miss Mia in email the message reads...

Now, because of a series of unforeseen and devastating occurrences, largely due to the growing climate of corporate medicine, we´re afraid of losing the only CWHC we have. If you already know and love CWHC you´ll understand what a terrible loss this would be.

CWHC is one of a very few feminist health centers left in this country. Founded 26 years ago by the women who were known as "Jane," the underground abortion providers pre-Roe v. Wade, CWHC is a non-profit collective that provides gyne care, prenatal care, postpartum support, and counseling, and it does so regardless of a woman´s ability to pay. CWHC brings health and safer sex education to schools, prisons and juvenile detention centers.

Chicago Women´s Health Center has a matter of months to secure its survival. The women of CWHC are volunteering around the clock to make sure that happens. If you agree that this organization is too important to lose, please help CWHC by making a tax-deductible donation ($10-$10,000 or beyond). Just click on the Local Independent Charities website which accepts donations on CWHC´s behalf.

warning the link above seems to not be working on IE/mac. could be just me but be warned. please contact them and donate anyway you can.

Chicago Women´s Health Center 3435 N. Sheffield Chicago, IL 60657 773-935-6126 [email protected]

January 28, 2002

Holy moly!! This is news is fresh. Come join me along with an awesome group of people this Friday at the Empty bottle. I´ve been included last minute to perform an acoustic solo set on an awesome bill of musicians to help raise money for the Chicago Women´s Health Center.

I am so excited about this benefit. I am a huge supporter of this CWHC having gone there since I was 16. A wonderful organization. Oddly enough I had gone recently and was wondering what if anything I could do to help this place out. Here they are obviously running things on a tight budget all to provide a great service to women and their families. I´m very greatful that this organization exists.

As if this wasn´t enough of a great opportunity also playing is one of my oldest and dearest friends Kim Ambriz with Matt Clark in their new band Rabbit Rabbit. Finally the bonus on top of the bonus also appearing are Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt who are both wonderful humans and fantastic musicians/songwriters. I´m such a fan. So that is the latest. Hope you can make it!!

January 25, 2002

Just a super quick update. Lyrics.. on the release section. Click on the degree symbol next to song titles to check them out. Happy New Year!

Check back soon... I may just have an acoustic show next week... but that is a big maybe.

December 19, 2001

First off again thanks to the people who came out to the Beat Kitchen show we had a great time playing that night. Met some new people ate some decent grub and had a birthday Party for Julie Liu. Whoo!

It´s that time of year when you start to reflect and there are indeed so many things for us all the reflect on. People around the world got a big shake-up in recent past with terrorism attacks and wars. There are a lot of things that shouldn´t get swept back into the corners of our minds. Especially we Americans. But I don´t want to linger here on topics of huge consquence as I couldn´t do much justice nor add much in this short period of time that I have to write. I do believe we need to keep thinking about all that is happening and has happened this year. We need to figure out a way to make this world less violent and make whatever efforts possible to improve it. Even in small ways. Spending our time trying to be good (plain and simple). We need to be considerate. We need to respect each other. We need to be aware, seek out wisdom and most of all peace.

Hope everyone has a lovely Holiday Season and New Year! While I can´t give gifts to everyone I have put up a new song in MP3 format in the releases section. A gift for those of you who like free MP3s.

Chiyoko will be laying low for a while but hope to make some travel plans for out of town shows in 2002 (I can´t believe it´s already 2002!). So, keep your eyes peeled for touring information. Also there´s a track included in the latest issue of Magnet´s CD Sampler - Issue No. 52.

Oh.... and I almost forgot but I´ve been enjoying this online streaming underground radio station. Go and check out . They´ve added a Chiyoko song to their rotation. Feel free to request the hell out of it. ;-)

Ok that´s the news. Much love to all!

November 14, 2001

Hi and hello! First off many thanks to those made it to the record release show and all the fine folks who decided to write about the show! We had a great time!! It was yet another first for us having Stevie Treichel join us on drums and Jeff Carleton on keyboards/guitar. Both added so much.

We have another show coming up on Friday December 14th at The Beat Kitchen - 2100 W. Belmont Chicago. We will play at 11PM but please come at 7PM to check out Insta followed by Palaxy Tracks, us and finally Buddy Revels.

November 1, 2001

Today Cinematic should be out there somewhere in a store. These are the places I know have it:

Reckless Records - Chicago

Soon we´ll have PayPal up so you can buy the CD from here directly. If you are interested in buying it here you can contact us via email [email protected].

If you are a record store and would like to buy Cinematic for your store it is distributed through Carrot Top and Revolver / Midheaven in the US.

Don´t forget to come out Sunday night for the record release show.

Sunday November 4th, 2001 - 7PM
Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Ave
W/ Pele and The Ivory Coast

Also check out a new write up by Chicago New City - Dave Chamberlain´s Raw Material this week... and online at

September 25, 2001

Finally you´ll have a chance to see and hear Chiyoko. Get ready to come out and show the love on November 4th at the Empty Bottle for the Record Release Party Celebration for CINEMATIC.

Come get your copy!

Plus come check out The Ivory Coast who are coming from Boston and Pele from Madison. It´s an early show so even those that work on the Monday can come. Show starts at 7PM.

September 12, 2001

First and foremost this has been a tragic week, of which we are all very aware. The world has changed in a day and now what will happen we cannot know.

It is beyond our direct power but maybe collectively we can overcome the violence and put our energies into healing and recovery. That we urge our politicians and governments be focused on peaceful resolutions versus violence. It is from violence that this tragedy has happened and will continue to happen through out the future as it always has in the past. I cannot say much more than that we give our blood, our support, that we concentrate on peace, prayer, and hope for the wisom to divine a solution. One that will actually make a difference in the hatred that permeates this world.

While it´s hard to concentrate on this I am pleased to say that Cinematic is done, arrived shrink wrapped and all. There´s a record release show in the works as well as a tour in support of this record. Keep your eyes and ears open for us around the first week of November. We´ll travel through the midwest and head East if we can find the shows. Things seem so crazy right now but we´re going to keep trying and keep doing the things that we do.

Keep moving forward and check back for more updates. Take care. Peace!


PS... find new MP3s from Cinematic under the releases section.

August 21, 2001

Cinematic is done and off to the manufacturer. This debut release will include these tracks, and will be available November 1st, 2001.

01. smile
02. more than this
03. go on
04. soiled summer
05. bleed
06. monsters
07. bed eyes
08. pleasure diamond
09. cinematic

I really want to thank all the people involved in making the record. The artwork had to be finished before the record was complete so there are people not credited for their amazing work. I´ll not go into big explanations but if the artwork wasn´t done first there would be no record coming out this year.... hence my attempts now to make up.

First off the final 5 songs were recorded at Engine Studios - Chicago and not at Clava, which is what CD art will say. A brilliant studio with a fantastic microphone collection courtesy of James Bond. (yes that´s what they call him but you will not find him in any 007 movies) We did master at Clava.

Many, many thanks go to Colin Studybacker and Laurent Bichara for assisting Brian Deck at Engine. They´re presence made things all the better. I´m in a greatful state of mind and want to start thanking everyone right away and forever. It´s a great thing to know we´ve finally finished this record. Also not credited on the album artwork is Balthazar De Ley of Menthol fame who sang some ooo and ahhs on [go on].

Of course everything would not have been possible without these lovely humans... Alianna Kalaba [drums on smile, go on, soiled summer, monsters], Ben Taylor [bass on smile, go on, soiled summer, monsters and bass clarinet on monsters, more than this], Ted Cho [guitars on smile, go on, soiled summer, monsters], Jeff Carleton [korg synths on smile, go on, soiled summer, monsters], Brian Deck [drums on more than this, bleed, bed eyes, cinematic, he also played so many other tracks of synth/computer edits and piano on more than this that i cannot possibly detail here].

Last but very importantly, an extra big kiss to Brian Deck as he was brilliant! He is very much a presence on this record. A fantastic producer to work with. I owe him extra thanks for the long hours and extreme deadlines he worked through to make this happen.

So, this is me being greatfull. This is what I have to say. Check back for more info. Will try to keep site up to date. Very excited to be rounding the final corners for the debut. Till next time....


July 25, 2001
The debut CD has a title. Look for Chiyoko´s "Cinematic" due out November 1st 2001.

Chiyoko will be recording the final tracks for Cinematic during the first two weeks of August with Brian Deck at Clava Studios - Chicago.

The potencial show in Detroit has been determined impossible though if there´s any chance of doing it they will try but it´s highly unlikely.

July 13, 2001
Oh what a lucky day! FRIDAY THE 13th. There´s some news!

Indeed there is. Chiyoko may play a short acoustic set with Julie Liu accompanying for Datacarbon´s - Summersmash weekend on August 10th in Detroit - MI. But this is not 100% yet!

The reason is that Chiyoko the band are going into the studio right about that time. What was earlier referred to as the debut EP is going to be a full length CD! Screw the EP concept. Thus far the CD is untitled but has a release date set for November 1st. There will definitely be some shows surrounding this date and hopefully a tour to support the new release. Check back as things progress.

More fantastic news is that there´s a new drummer in the works and she [Alianna Kalaba] is going into the studio along with Chiyoko, Ted and Ben.

Finally there´s been a few updates to the site. Check out a few pics in the gallery. There´s also an addition to the press page including Alternative Press mention of the chiyoko demo.

As always....keep checking in, we´ll keep it as fresh as we can.

June 27, 2001
Well here´s the unexpected. Chiyoko will play an acoustic set at Danny´s bar tonight aproximately around 10PM. She was just asked by sweetheart Chris Connelly to do a small set and I guess it´s going to happen. Go to Danny´s 1951 W Dickens - Chicago, IL 60614 Phone: (773)489-6457 to check it out and see Chris Connelly perform as well as others.

June 14, 2001
Be sure to pick up the next issue (July) for the all women issue of Alternative Press. Find a blurb and picture of Chiyoko, and a great interview with Shirely Manson of Garbage.

Chiyoko played a quick version of Trickster by Radiohead with Julie Liu at the recent record release event thrown by Reckless Records in support of Amnesiac at the hideout. It was more packed than sardines in a tin can, and everyone came out for the fun of it , which actually made it insane. Many people did many things radiohead.

June 04, 2001
Ok, there´s a new MP3 up in the releases section of the site. Don´t forget about tonight at the hideout!

June 02, 2001
Welcome to the new site!! It´s still a work in progress but alas finally something! Keep coming back to see as things come about, hell the whole site could change .... but most likely not.

Chiyoko´s first show was indeed just what everyone needed. Thanks to the people who came out. Now you can say... we were there when they first got their feet wet. Literally, it poored all night and was unusually chilly. Regardless of the rain, things went on just fine at the beloved hideout.

Special thanks to Adam Vida, who played drums this show and got Chiyoko out of the rehearsal room, we´ll miss him but he´s a busy, busy man and so it goes.

This means that Chiyoko is busy looking for a new drummer, and continuing to develop material for a recording session late this summer. Hopefully Chiyoko will finish the debut EP by the end of August and get it released by November 2001. Updates will definitely follow as things progress.

And for those of you who want to join in. Chiyoko (the individual) will perform on Monday June 4th with Julie Liu at the hidout as part of the Reckless Records celebration in the release of Amnesiac by Radiohead. The event will be all Radiohead covers performed by friends and family of the Reckless Record crew which will then turn into an open mike when anyone willing can play their favorite Radiohead song. There will also be a listening party at midnight for Amnesiac.

© 2001